Advice For Buying Used Vehicles

We pride ourselves on presenting regular information for trucks and cars! Here, we have some tricks to buying used trucks.

Our advice? Focus on laying the ground work! Hopefully this helps.

Know exactly what to look for. Doing research is absolutely critical! Determine whether the model has had any recalls or overall major issues. Look at the current value of the vehicle in relation to what you might be paying and weigh up the costs and differences!

You can also look at reviews from credible sources and determine whether the cost of maintenance and parts is worthwhile! Is the vehicle worth working on to maximise its quality? Also, insurance is an important element to research!

In addition, you should ask for a maintenance report on the vehicle before you decide to complete the purchase. The report will display any warranties and potential services that may be required. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting yourself into! Minor issues could be things that lead to much bigger issues such as a battery replacement; oil change; tyre replacement; fuel inspection; or a tune-up. Consider these factors and you will see the value of a maintenance report.

Consider an inspection from close friends or an expert you trust to ensure you are prepared to take a test drive in the vehicle. When you buy a vehicle you’re making a commitment that should/could last a decent length of time.

Know exactly what you’re looking for. Dealers and most others just want to make money and will often say exactly what is necessary to make that happen! If you focus your time and effort on researching things carefully then you should be prepared for whatever is thrown your way! This way, you are likely to make a very informed decision on the purchase of your vehicle.

What to be wary of at truck dealerships

Prior to visiting a truck dealer, it’s best you consider all factors including financing, parts pricing and express shipping. These elements will allow you to better understand the environment you’re walking into as they are additional ways on top of truck sales and service/repairs for truck dealers to make money. At the end of the day, it is a business seeking to make as much profit as possible – so be wary of that!

Financing through an institution will occur when you go to buy a truck. Presuming the dealership arrange your financing, you will be paying premium dollar at the highest interest rate on a truck loan they can get for you. If you are willing to go through this process and do the necessary research to seek financing agencies, you will be rewarded in the long run!

You also have to consider parts pricing. Dealerships make a big killing off of these so make sure you aren’t overpaying in this situation. Try and source parts from different areas if you feel this is occurring as you may then find truck dealerships without any knowledge of the ones you’ve already seen. Therefore, there’ll be no affiliation and you are likely to see a difference in pricing. There are plenty of other minor details to look into such as tax and so forth, and it is then vital for you to follow-up this research to reduce the costs as much as possible.

The express shipping and freight element is very important in this instance because the dealer is in control of this expense. They will charge more than what the freight bill is so you can always save more money by arranging to pick up the parts yourself!

Truck dealerships seem to be the middle man but in the end there are ways you can move around them and reduce the cost of your truck purchase in the process.

Things to remember when buying a vehicle

A big part of a vehicle purchase is understanding what you really want and thinking about this for a long period of time. Go into the situation with a plan in mind!

Work out what you don’t like as this will start the process of elimination. It might take some time but it’ll be worthwhile in the end because you can determine your likes and dislikes. Sometimes the dislikes can be minor, but it is what it is. Don’t be too fazed if this is the case for you!

As for the features of the car you may like – make a note of them – then look at other significant factors such as price, model and distance covered by the vehicle. Weigh each of these factors up for each car and try to continue the process of elimination previously mentioned!

What also needs some consideration is whether the vehicle is economic or pre-owned. There can be positives to each but not in all cases. Economic motor vehicles can be great for comfort particularly on built-up roads but the flip-side is you may need power. Some vehicles are made to have either option, but not both. Determine which is more important to you and/or your family.

Whereas, used vehicles are another detail to contemplate. Generally, they will be much cheaper. However, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. Used vehicles can come with a lot of problems and in the end it is up to you to look at every single detail. You want to weave away from inheriting somebody else’s problem but this can still be a great solution to your vehicle conundrum.

As always, go for a test drive to get a feel for the car! Don’t spend too much time doing this for multiple vehicles if you can avoid it, but if not, just jump in!

Remember these factors and you should be on your way and don’t forget to keep up-to-date with our latest content here.


CoFactoryre Homepage Image 01ngratulations to Rob..
– After appearing in this month’s Fast Fours and Rotaries magazine, Rob has ventured out to the 1/4 mile to see what his RX4 is capable of. After putting down 460rwhp @ 20psi, Rob made a good start with a strong burnout and stormed to a half track et of 6.9 @ 107mph, before backing off and rolling through the traps. Unfortunately for Rob, the sub 7.0 half track time meant he could not complete another pass until a full cage is installed, as andra deem the car to be 10,99 or quicker capable.

Factoryre Homepage Image 02Well done Jamie Marshall!
– with an all new look and attitude Jamie’s RX3 has hit the strip and the first up results speak for themselves! On low boost and his first time behind the wheel, Jamie managed an off the trailer 10.55 before running a string of mid 10 sec passes all day, finally ending with a 10.1 @ 137 mph.
We are sure Jamie will be back out soon to add that 9 second time slip to his list of recent achievements.