Drone Racing is a Thing of the Future

Drones are now have an interesting use. From being used for military purposes to now being considered as a form of entertainment. Drone racing has become a thing. Yes, you read that correctly.

Drone Racing is predicted as potentially becoming even more popular than formula one racing! Equipped with 4 motors and configured to be fit for racing, these drones are getting noticed. Sponsors are trying very hard to get involved with the events. Who knew this had a market!

Essentially, it can only be played with the first person view (FPV) resulting in only one person being able to see what the drone’s front camera is able to display. Along with having to manufacture the drones, actually coordinating them in a racing situation is another story altogether.

There are many popular organisations including the Drone Racing League (DRL), U.S. National Drone Racing Championship and a handful of other standalone leagues.

There are world rankings from results taken from the leagues and significantly there are set to be annual championships in Dubai, similar to the formula one.

Drone Racing is making a very big impact and could become very well-known in the near future.

For now, it’s our secret!

CoFactoryre Homepage Image 01ngratulations to Rob..
– After appearing in this month’s Fast Fours and Rotaries magazine, Rob has ventured out to the 1/4 mile to see what his RX4 is capable of. After putting down 460rwhp @ 20psi, Rob made a good start with a strong burnout and stormed to a half track et of 6.9 @ 107mph, before backing off and rolling through the traps. Unfortunately for Rob, the sub 7.0 half track time meant he could not complete another pass until a full cage is installed, as andra deem the car to be 10,99 or quicker capable.

Factoryre Homepage Image 02Well done Jamie Marshall!
– with an all new look and attitude Jamie’s RX3 has hit the strip and the first up results speak for themselves! On low boost and his first time behind the wheel, Jamie managed an off the trailer 10.55 before running a string of mid 10 sec passes all day, finally ending with a 10.1 @ 137 mph.
We are sure Jamie will be back out soon to add that 9 second time slip to his list of recent achievements.